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Tim Underwood, Group Leader, GlaxoSmithKline:

"It was evident from our earliest meetings that you and your staff had the confidence and know-how to take the project through to completion. All through the development there has been a high level of professionalism and this has resulted in a first-class product. There has been a high degree of productive interaction and enthusiastic discussion between the interested parties which has been instrumental in shaping the high quality of the finished software. The people working on the project evidently had a great depth of knowledge of all aspects of the task.... Overall the collaboration has been highly successful; there has been a pleasant, stimulating and highly effective atmosphere and the end result speaks for itself."

Diarmuid O'Brien, Business Development Manager, Allegro Technologies:

"Aitken Scientific have developed an excellent graphic user interface for our Equator series of liquid handling instruments.

...Aitken Scientific, by being included in the design specification stage, provided much added value. In particular, they greatly assisted in determining the key product requirements and provided a focussed external perspective to the project planning stage, bringing significant expertise in this area to the table.

The implementation of the design specification was carried out in an organised, efficient and professional manner. The development project had clearly defined milestones and deliverables, all of which were completed on time. There was frequent interaction between the two companies, which allowed for efficient problem solving and constant assurance that the end product was meeting our needs. Furthermore, the speed of debugging while Allegro carried out testing was impressive and ensured that we made quick progress in closing out the project.

Allegro thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Aitken Scientific. We found the staff approachable, very perceptive and understanding of the problems we faced during the development phase of the project. Most importantly we feel the final software is an excellent addition to our product range."

Dr Philip Jewsbury, Project Leader, AstraZeneca.

"I was impressed by the contribution Aitken made to this process. They gave me great confidence that they really understood what we were trying to do rather than just delivering a package to order."