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Reaction Control and Monitoring

The ReactArray Workstation software was developed for Anachem to provide full control of a Gilson sampler, pump and heated reaction racks. The software allows the creation of complex sequences of operations using simpler tasks like: aspirate, dispense, delay, wash-needle, quench-reaction, inject-sample and rack temperature control.

After the multiple task-sequences have been defined, ReactArray Workstation uses it's scheduler algortithms to interleave the sequences to ensure optimal use of the available resources (sampler arm, syringe pump, HPLC).

The image to the right shows a typical ReactArray hardware setup comprising a Gilson 215SW liquid handler, 402 syringe pump and several racks.

The image to the left shows a bed layout on the sampler, with the task-sequences listed on the right and the interleaved schedule displayed graphically as a series of solid bars.

Through this display the user can appreciate of the parallel nature of the optimised schedule that will keep the machine busy as much as possible.

The ReactArray Workstation software can also control a Agilent HPLC equipment, and the ReactArray Data Manager software includes a chromatogram display, peak calculation algorithms and peak profiling.

For more information about the ReactArray product suite, please visit www.reactarray.com