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Deerac turns to Aitken Scientific for GUI development

The Dublin-based liquid handling company Deerac Fluidics has again turned to software specialists Aitken Scientific to develop the graphic user interface of its new, flexible Latitude liquid handling system for low volume reagent dispensing. The new instrument, which was specifically designed to fill a gap in the pharmaceutical market, was very well received at the Lab Automation show in San Jose, US, earlier in 2005.

Philip Hassell, Head of Research and Development at Deerac, explained:

"We have worked with Aitken before on a previous development project but this was slightly different. This time, we had developed the hardware and instrument software ourselves in-house but wanted Aitkenís expertise to develop an easy and intuitive, touchscreen graphical user interface. Aitkenís experience working in life sciences with pharmaceutical companies proved invaluable and gave them a good idea of what would and wouldnít work. We had some basic criteria and Aitken were able to crystalise a lot of these ideas. We were both writing parts of the same program for this instrument so we had to work very closely together, more as development partners than client and supplier.

Overall, we are extremely happy with the software, have a great working relationship with Aitken and look forward to continuing working with them."