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Aitken Scientific takes the heat out of Software Development...

Software developers Aitken Scientific were chosen by the Dublin-based liquid handling company Allegro Technologies to help develop the spot station software for its new nanolitre liquid pipetting instrument, the Equator™, which was launched to great acclaim at Lab Automation in February 2003. Aitken assisted with the instrument's hardware specifications and then designed the software for a graphic user interface and ActiveX low-level control software. The result is a flexible and easy to use product that is sold alongside Allegro's hardware.

Dr Diarmuid O'Brien, Business Development Manager at Allegro Technologies, explained:

"Aitken Scientific was included in the design specification stage and greatly assisted us in determining the key product requirements. The Company's significant expertise was particularly useful in bringing a focused external perspective to the project planning stage.

The implementation of the design specification was carried out in an organised, efficient and professional manner and the project's clearly defined milestones and deliverables were all completed on time. Frequent interaction between the two companies ensured efficient problem solving and reassured us that the end product would indeed meet our needs. Even in the closing stages, the speed of debugging when Allegro carried out testing was impressive and guaranteed that the project came quickly to a close.

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Aitken Scientific and found that the staff were approachable, very perceptive and fully understood the problems we faced during the development phase of the project. Most importantly we feel the final software is an excellent addition to our product range."