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Nanolitre Dispensing

Spot-station was developed by Aitken Scientific to control a Deerac Fluidics nanolitre dispenser. It enables users to define plasticware to use and a sequence of actions to perform liquid handling to and from the plasticware. Tasks include aspirating and dispensing liquids, bulk copying of plates, delays and a customisable wash cycle.

The user interface to the left is displaying a list of tasks to be performed, the plates which are loaded onto the bed of the machine, and a task being edited.

The control of the hardware is handled by a COM object provided by a stand-alone module; this allows the control routines to be shared with other applications. In addition, Spot-station publishes itself as a COM automation server, which allows it to be remote controlled by other software, simplifying automation in the laboratory.

For more information about Spotstation please visit www.deerac.com

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