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Instrument and Machine Control

Aitken Scientific have years of experience writing software to control laboratory instruments and automated machinery. The software design process we employ includes a detailed analysis of the user requirements and the hardware involved. During development we reuse proven components from our software library, leading to efficient and reliable systems in a comparatively short amount of time.

When controlling machinery we consider several approaches, looking for the easiest most robust approach. Simpler systems can often be controlled directly through their connection media (like RS232, ethernet/TCP or custom I/O cards), more complicated systems often need to be controlled via the manufacturers software to make best use of the available functionality.

Aitken Scientific have a wide selection of reusable software modules that can be employed in our machine control software. The following list is a just a sample of the devices we can interface with and control.

  • Barcode scanners
  • DVT cameras & vision systems
  • Tecan liquid handlers (via Gemini)
  • Tecan plate readers
  • Gilson™ liquid handlers (and associated devices)
  • Aglient™ HPLC systems
  • Kawasaki, Staubli and Epson Robots
  • IKA hotplates
  • MJ thermal cyclers (Tetrad)
  • Genevac evaporators
  • RapidStak plate stackers

For an overview of one of our systems, click here