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Gilson™ Equipment Control

Aitken Scientific has gained a comprehensive understanding of Gilson™ equipment over several years while developing ReactArray Workstation for Anachem and Gilson™ related projects for other companies.

Gilson equipment we can control includes:

  • System interface 506C (analogue and digital I/O)
  • HPLC Pump
  • UV Detector
  • Syringe Pumps 402 & 444
  • Samplers 222/23x/215/Quad 215
  • Injection ports (819 standalone and integrated sampler ports)
  • Sampler I/O contacts
  • ValveMate

We can also control non-Gilson devices which support the GSIOC protocol:

  • STEM heated rack
  • Reactivate and Microvate heated racks

We have also worked closely with interfacing with Gilson's UniPoint package and processing the data files it generates. The TopPoint package, developed in conjunction with GSK, provides a simple user interface for chemists to submit jobs to the UniPoint system.