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We are able to collect and analyse the chromatogram data using a variety of techniques. Raw data can be collected directly from HPLC detectors, via a Gilson 506C interface unit, or we can collect packetted data already processed by a more sophisticated device.

Our graphing routines display the data in the best possible way. Peaks can be shaded for easy identification, and trace-values can be queried using a cursor (where available).

This screenshot demonstrates one of the views in the ReactArray Data Manager (RDM) which we devloped for Anachem as a chromatography add-on for the ReactArray Workstation software.

The software can display the chromatogram, perform peak searches and calculate peak area. RDM can also graph peak area against reaction time.

ReactArray can perform multiple injections for each rection at timed intervals, the resulting cromatogram data collected by RDM can be used to observe the reaction's progress over time. RDM can then display this data as a 'reaction profile' which can be used to find an optimal injection time.

For more information about the ReactArray product suite, please visit www.reactarray.com

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