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A-S Automate Supported Instruments

Along with inbuilt functionality, A-S Automate supports the following laboratory equipment in the form of driver-modules.

  • BioHit syringe pump
  • BioMek Bio-Stack plate stacker
  • BioMek 2000 liquid handler
  • BioTek Precision 2000 liquid handler
  • Cavro syringe pump
  • Deerac Fluidics Equator nano dispenser
  • Deerac Fluidics Latitude bulk dispenser
  • DVT camera - used for finding objects
  • Evotec Opera
  • Gilson 402 syringe pump
  • Hamilton 2200 liquid handler
  • Hummingbird from Genomic solutions
  • Innovadyne nano dispenser
  • Labsystems Ascent plate reader
  • Multidrop dispenser - Labsystems
  • Molecular devices LJL Analyst running Criterion Host
  • Perkin-Elmer Flexdrop
  • Perkin-Elmer Viewlux reader
  • QiaGen Bio Robot liquid handler
  • Sato bar code printer
  • Serial bar code reader (most makes supported)
  • Serial balances (Mettler and Sartorius)
  • Staubli industrial robot
  • ST Robotics R19 and R16 robots
  • Tecan GenIOS plate reader
  • Tecan RSP liquid handlers running Gemini
  • Tetrad thermocycler
  • Thermo RapidStak plate stacker
  • Vici valves
  • Vivace liquid handler
  • Wipotec weigh cell
  • Zebra bar code printer
  • Zymark Twister I and II plate manipulating robots

Generic modules including File handling, Date and Time, Logging, Excel, Database Access, Storage handlers, Incubators, and general purpose Windows program control.