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A-S Automate

As a result of years of experience with robotics software we have developed A-S Automate. This product is a simple to use, programmable tool which provides simultaneous control and scheduling of multiple items of equipment. It has wide applicability for data acquisition and control in industry and research using its standard user interface. The user interface can also be customised to suit the application being controlled.

A-S automate has recently been updated to version 2.

Please click here for a list of supported instruments.

Product Description

The process flow can be designed using 'Method Maker', a program which provides a graphical way of building up the process by simply dragging and dropping components with the mouse. Once the flow is defined Method Maker generates a script which is then run by the automation software. All scripts are syntax checked so errors cannot affect the hardware control.

The script is similar to the 'Basic' programming language, but control of other Windows packages or direct control of the hardware is provided using simpler statements. Drivers are already available to control common laboratory instruments and further drivers can be created for new hardware as part of any project undertaken by Aitken Scientific.

The scripting language provides a range of simple programming constructs, such as variables, For loops and mathematical functions, that make it easy for the user to make changes and add features to the system operation, without requiring extensive programming skills. Using the Demonstration mode and the Debugging view makes testing the script easier and faster than using the actual instruments.

The final result is a system that is reliable, accessible and easy to customise to suit your exact requirements.

The standard interface to A-S Automate (left) shows the available methods, tabbed dialogues where the status of each item of equipment can be seen, and a set of buttons to allow the user to Run, Pause and Stop a method.

Version 2

A-S Automate has recently been updated with a range of new features:

  • More drivers - including Thermo RapidStak, Bio-Stack, Deerac Latitude and Deerac Equator.
  • Easier and more consistent driver configuration.
  • Improved error handling - Error situations can now be trapped and dealt with outside the main process flow.