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Welcome to Aitken Scientific

At Aitken Scientific we have many years of experience developing software for science and technology. We have an international reputation for providing a high-quality, cost-effective service for customers in pharmaceuticals, engineering, scientific research, instrumentation and manufacturing.

How we work

We offer an easy to use service built around your needs. Many of our customers are unsure of their precise requirements: we think through your challenges with you, and help you to sort out what you really need.

Benefits of having your own software solutions provider::

  • You will have a focussed solution designed to your exact requirements
  • You own the intellectual property IQ option of all fully bespoke systems and the source code will be supplied to you
  • Your software will have a longer life expectancy and be more adaptable than off-the-shelf equivalents
  • We have an extensive library of unique software modules which can slot together - significantly reducing development time and costs
  • We provide immediate support to all our customers
  • We guarantee all our fixed-price work for 12 months after installation

Services Offered:

  • Defining user requirements
  • Writing customer specifications
  • Detailed design of user interfaces
  • Programming real-time systems including complex mathematics
  • Writing plans for formal or informal package testing
  • Upgrading and maintaining existing legacy software
  • We can provide full GAMP or 21 CFR Part 11 compliant documentation when required
  • Simple file transfer and download of new builds